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I'm excited to tell you my story, but the truth is that I just feel like a guy lucky enough to pick up a camera.

Photography all started after I had trained in horticultural. My mum & I went halves on a digital camera for our birthdays. (both July babies) My cousin had done a show garden at the RHS Tatton Park Flower show 2010, which happens every year in July next to the small town where I live. it is cool to have such a big event on our door step, apart from this nothing else much happens! I took some images of my cousin show garden, when I showed friends & family I got really great response and feedback. At this point I didn't know nothing about photography. But from peoples response I did get a buzz from it & my interested level went up. I've always been a naturally creative person & finding photography met I had found my medium! In which to be creative.

I quickly became a keen amateur photographing, local events to landscapes. I decided to go back to college to study photography, more to be with like minded people, I never really thought at this stage I would become a professional photographer, after two years at college, when I was about to finish college and thinking about my next stage my tutor said you should consider university. University for me had never been a consideration before, having done five years of training in horticulture  & also being a lot older and much wiser & maybe learning from my mistakes. I decided to do photography in a completely different way than horticulture.

Photography makes me truly happy. Photography is also something I have become good at in life, not because I'm that talented as a photographer but because I'm ambitious. I believe if you want to become good at something you have to put in the effort and time to become it.   

After finishing college I started to think about photography not just as an art form but also the business aspect of photography & which types of photography work better as an art form but also as a business.

I started using natural light in my portrait & fashion photography for three years now. Using natural light has allowed me to really stand out from the normal traditional ways of using a studio and artificial lighting. I'm able to create a much softer look than you could get in a studio. 

I like to create a relaxed atmosphere and work closely with my models, I feel this approach allows me to get much more natural looking poses which tells the best story. 

All this is what gives me my signature look/style to my work, to create something which is eye-catching and make people stop in there tracks. 

That's my story so far. Hopefully we can create sometime which hasn't existed before.

Thank you for stopping by. Please share my website. Also use the contact page to get in touch.

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